On the way to downtown San Francisco

The taste of Silicon Valley in 21 days

It just marked the forth weeks since moving to Silicon Valley, yet I already felt living here for a while. Before living here, I only had been to California once: During my spring break back in junior year of college with my Japanese and Saudi Arabian friends. We visited Los Angeles and San Diego, which was supposed to be awesome, but then turned out to be probably the worst trip ever.

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葛蘭特李 的籃球日誌 #11 美國素人籃球你我他

葛蘭特李的籃球日誌從第一篇到今天為止,已經有十篇文章,題材涵蓋範圍從美國的NBA、NCAA、FIBA世界籃球,到台灣籃球的籃球及人物介紹,題材範圍不可謂不廣。但今天我突然想到,還有一個題材我沒寫過,這題材,我每個禮拜都有深刻的體悟,深刻的情緒及身體上的體悟,這題材,是素人籃球。 Continue reading


葛蘭特李 的籃球日誌 #10 菲律賓能,台灣能不能?

2004年,韓國從亞洲金融風暴崛起,民間興起一股,『韓國能,為何台灣不能?』的討論。2014年,十年後的今天,韓流K-POP行銷全球、三星手機力拼蘋果I-Phone,就連低端產品定位的KIA汽車,也在美國隨處可見。此時,應該不會有人再辯台灣為何不能這個議題。 Continue reading