Grant Lee_Black and white

Grant Lee is a recent MBA graduate with a focus on marketing in Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. He is passionate about sports, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Grant pursues MBA to hone his managerial skills and business acumen. He differentiated himself from others by competing in three-business plan competitions in the first year. In his second year, he immersed himself in the word of entrepreneurship, where he learned business both from conceptualization to commercialization and from a variety of perspectives.

With leadership experiences in retail marketing and sales management, Grant has built an unique sense of consumer insights. He is constantly studying brands, products, consumers, and is intrigued by the relationship these three can relate with one another. His diverse backgrounds in the business help him to tackle problems with different perspectives. His ample experiences in traveling abroad (more than 50 cities and 12 countries in the world) allow him to think beyond borders.

Outside of business, Grant loves creation, which includes shooting photographs, writing articles, and sharing informations on social media. He loves basketball, too!

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