Grant Lee_Black and white

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Grant studied in Minnesota for junior year in college and found himself passionate about marketing and consumer insight. After four-year career in advertising and sports retail management, he became full-time Maryland MBA student. Two years of hardcore MBA training honed his business acumen and built his personal characters. He is now living in the South Bay area. He can’t wait for the exciting journeys ahead.

So this was how got started…
Grant Lee loves creating things. Things like blogpost, photograph, design, drawing, and story are something he creates on a daily basis. In this website, he primarily focuses on blogpost and photograph.

Grant started the journey of blogging since 2004. In 2012, his first MBA guest speaker, a marketing director from Blackboard, said: “As a marketer, you need to opinion your own. It doesn’t matter if it is biased, you gotta have perspectives.” Grant jotted down notes and put into action.

So was born. Learning from years of experiences, Grant realizes that compelling story is the key to enhance readership. Since he loves SPORTS, MARKETING, AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP deeply, he chooses these three as the cornerstones for this website. He hopes through this site, readers could take away something new.

Stay tune. More to come!

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